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Perfect for any buffet, cocktail party, or informal / semi-formal gathering.  Pick & choose as you’d like & arrange a diverse offering to meet the taste & desire of almost any crowd (& within just about any budget). 


Chicken Platter - Serves 25
Fifty pieces of  Fried or Barbecued Chicken. Served with Coleslaw.

Wings Platters
- Serves 25-30
One hundred Chicken Wings, available Hot, Mild or Barbecued.
Served with Blue Cheese Dipping sauce and Celery.

Chicken Drummets Platter - Serves 20-25
One hundred Hot and Juicy Fried Chicken Drummets.
Served with Barbecue Dipping sauce.


Seasonal Fresh Crudites- a colorful array of fresh vegetables with herb dip or roasted garlic hummus.

Baked Brie & Fig spread  - fresh baked brie in a golden pastry crust.

Italian Rustica Platter  - includes caramelized onion herb foccaci bread, vegetable caponata, marinated roasted red and yellow peppers and chevre garlic dip.

Whole Baked Ham: 7-8 lb  - orange glazed spiral cut ham, served with assorted mini-rolls, honey mustard and fruit chutney.

House Smoked Salmon - fresh smoked salmon served with capers and onions w/ hot wasabi sauce.

Beef Tenderloin - Teriyaki marinated thin sliced filet mignon, served with an assortment of mini rolls and
horseradish cream sauce.



GOURMET MEAT PLATTER large (serves 20-25) ~ Includes roast beef, smoked turkey breast, corned beef, honey baked ham, dill pickle spears, bread, rolls, salad dressing & mustard

DELUXE PARTY PLATTER large serves 20-25  (med. serves 10-12 ) ~ Includes roast beef, smoked turkey breast, ham, turkey pastrami, American & provolone cheese, bread, rolls, dill pickle spears, mustard & salad dressing

COLD CUT PLATTER large serves 20-25 (med. serves 10-12 ) ~ Includes bologna, salami, ham, turkey breast, yellow & American cheese,  dill pickle spear, bread, rolls, salad dressing & mustard

ROAST BEEF PLATTER (serves 20-25) ~ 10 lbs. of beef, smoked or roasted

HAM PLATTER (serves 20-25)~ 10 lbs. of ham, smoked or beer baked

TURKEY PLATTER (serves 20-25) ~10 lbs. of turkey breast, smoked or roasted


ITALIAN MEATBALL TRAY  (serves 50) ~ with our delicious Italian sauce

BARBEQUE MEATBALL TRAY (serves 50) ~ with our homemade barbecue sauce

SWEDISH MEATBALL TRAY (serves 50) ~ with our delicately seasoned sauce

SWEET & SOUR MEATBALL TRAY serves 50 ~ with our Hawaiian sweet & sour sauce


GOURMET CHEESE PLATTER (serves 40) ~   Assortment of  domestic and imported cheeses  with  fresh strawberries and a cracker assortment

ASSORTED CHEESE PLATTER (serves 50) ~ an assortment of cheeses cut into bite size cubes with a cream cheese and walnut spread and a cracker assortment

FRESH FRUIT & CHEESE PLATTER (serves 30)  ~ an assortment of fresh seasonal fruit and cheese and a cracker assortment


JUMBO SHRIMP PLATTERS : boiled: (80 peeled & deveined) serves 25


FRESH GARDEN VEGETABLE (serves 35-40) ~ fresh garden vegetables served w/dip

FRESH FRUIT PLATTER (serves 35-40)~an assortment of fresh sweet delicious fruit

FRUIT & VEGETABLE COMBO (serves 35-40)~an assortment of fresh fruit & vegetables w/dip


SMOKED MEAT SANDWICHES (serves 12)  ~ choice of smoked beef, turkey, ham or pork loin served on kaiser rolls with olives & dill pickle spears

STUFFED CROISSANT PLATTER (serves 12) choice of ham, tuna, turkey or chicken salad served on croissants with olives and dill pickle spears

DELI SANDWICH PLATTER (serves 12) a selection of deli meats & cheeses including tuna and turkey salad served with deli breads & rolls with olives and dill pickle spears

CRAB CAKE SANDWICH PLATTER (serves 12) - Maryland crab cakes served with tartar sauce on sandwich rolls with olives and dill pickle spears

GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST (serves 12) ~ boneless breast of chicken with honey mustard on a steak roll with olives and dill pickle spears

PLATTERS FROM $56  (Platters are ready to serve - each contains 40-45 pieces)

Fresh Fruit & Cheese - A classic combination of the freshest market produce and a selection of gourmet cheeses

Fresh Seafood - An extravaganza: fresh prawns, smoked salmon, mussels and octopus salad.

Marinated Calamari - Shallow-fried squid, marinated in lemon and set off perfectly with a tangy tartar sauce and sprigs of fresh parsley.

Pomdori e Salame - Mild and spicy salami, embellished with slices of fresh tomato.

Antipasto Platter (Mixed Meat, Cheese, & Olive) - The perfect antipasti. Something to delight everyone, from salami, prosciutto, ham, mortadella and coppa to olives, sun-dried tomatoes and pickled vegetables..

Prosciutto w/ MELON - A famous duo of wafer thin prosciutto, wrapped around slices of sweet rock melon.

Shrimp Salad on French Baguette - Home-baked crusty bread topped with tender shrimp, nestling among crisp lettuce, capsicum, tomato and celery, enriched by creamy, real egg mayonnaise.

Vegetarian Platter - A delicious medley of cucumber, mushrooms, snow peas and much more

Club Sandwiches - Classic sandwiches filled with sliced meat, cheeses, olives, sun-dried tomatoes and salads.

Danish Pastries - These freshly home-baked pastries are perfect with tea or coffee.

Chicken Kebabs - Bite-sized chicken skewered and grilled to moist perfection. Served with Asian dipping sauce. 

Caesar Salad Variation - An inspired twist: Romaine lettuce, Dijon mustard, anchovies, crumbled bacon and garlic flavored croutons combine with other ingredients to make this salad so special.

Greek Salad - Mediterranean black olives, feta, and tomatoes glistening in an olive oil and fresh oregano dressing.

Waldorf Salad - Crisp red apples, diced and mixed with walnuts, mayonnaise and celery on a bed of green lettuce.

French Cucumber Salad - A simple, yet classic dish of cucumbers, radishes, red onions and slices of egg.

Fresh Fruit Salad - Fresh melon and grapefruit in a magical dressing of yoghurt, honey, sultanas and cinnamon.

Rotini Salad - Tender noodles, tomato wedges, with segments of mandarin and diced celery tossed in a blend of mustard, yogurt and fresh chives.

Tangy Coleslaw - The classic combination of crisp cabbage, crunchy carrot, fresh parsley, horseradish and cream.

Club Salad - Gourmet pate, hard boiled egg, French gruyere cheese and slices of garlic sausage presented on a bed of lettuce and served with a piquant dressing.

Italian Rice Salad - A dazzling display of red tomatoes, yellow capsicum, green parsley and hard boiled eggs, tossed in white rice and sprinkled with fresh vinaigrette.

Julienne Vegetables - Strips of carrot, capsicum, zucchini, eggplant, celery and apple, with the happy surprise of curry powder and paprika, arranged on a bed of fresh lettuce.

Cubed Potato Salad - A cold salad of boiled potato and onion stirred in sour cream and sprinkled with red paprika.

Garden Green Salad - A combination of snow peas, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and lettuce in an Italian dressing.

Tuna Salad - Freshly cooked pasta, premium tuna enfolded in mayonnaise.

Chicken Salad - Slices of chicken breast, rows of avocado and mango, spread upon a blanket of spinach, bacon, radicchio and l lettuce with a vinaigrette dressing


We suggest 1/4 lb per person as a side dish, 1/2 lb per person as a 
main course.  2 lb. minimum for each order. 

Herb Dijon Potato Salad
Cole Slaw
Fresh Fruit Salad
Chicken and Green Bean Salad Nicoise
Marinated Summer Vegetable Salad
Shrimp and Salmon Pasta Salad